Life 2.0 | 2019

Video installation

personal project

Computers have become the dominant technology.
Each of us actively or passively leaves a large amount of information on the Internet, such as browsing history, e-mail, posts on social media etc, which turns each individual into a database, and then it forms a stream of data scattered around the world. I see the streams of data as the fundament of everyone's body, just like blood.

In my opinion every human being has two bodies, one is the physical body, the other one is the data body, even if the physical body is inevitably dying, the data body can last for longer. In a sense, everyone has eternal life.

I designed and produced the plant box, which sprays water automatically four times per day, the amount of water is based on the data of the deceased. A small printer is placed in the middle of the installation, which showcases the humidity statistics.

In this way, the data of the dead has been transformed into water in the body of plants. The data blends with plants and becomes an inseparable whole. The installation itself becomes a symbol of the "data body".

To some extent, the life of the deceased continues in the body of the plant.